Joan Petrick

Lewis and Clark School District #161
Makoti, ND

Project Description:

“The Advanced Placement Incentive Project” is the winning program submitted by Petrick for students in the Lewis and Clark School District. In the state of North Dakota, students who achieve a variety of criteria are qualified to receive a $6,000, four-year scholarship offered by the state to attend a college of their choice in the state. One of the qualifying criteria includes taking a dual credit or Advanced Placement (AP) course. The Lewis and Clark School District does not currently offer AP classes to students which puts them at a disadvantage with larger city schools that offer a wide variety of opportunities for their students. Through the program, teachers in the district will be trained for Advanced Placement teaching so they can provide students with the opportunity to achieve at a higher level. The teachers will also be able to purchase textbooks, resources, and materials for their students which will alleviate the financial burden of the students having to purchase the expensive AP materials themselves. The funds from the ING grant will allow the training process of teachers to begin. Petrick lives in Makoti.