Joseph Reed

Luther Burbank Middle School
Burbank, CA

Project Description:

“Dreaming and Learning Drives Luther Students to be Happy Campers!” is the name of Reed’s winning program idea. In collaboration with Warner Bros., Ghostlight Industries and other Burbank community businesses, sixth-through-eighth-grade students will work in teams of five to restore a dilapidated VW Westfalia Camper. Teams will focus on project management, mechanics/electrical and plumbing, alternative energy, graphics, and upholstery/canvas. Once they are done, they will have restored the camper and created the Luther Camp Mobile. This vehicle will then become the center of the camping experience and will provide all of the food and cooking for all of the families in the new camping club. By starting the camping club, many families will have a first-time opportunity to experience the world of nature and the logistics of camping. Additionally, families will be able to connect as a school community through the camping trips. Collaboration is the cornerstone of the program, giving students a chance to see first-hand what the power of teamwork can produce. Reed, who lives in Burbank, hopes the students say at the end of the project, “You have to chase your dreams!”