Joyce Rosales

South Miami K-8 Center
Miami, FL

Project Description:

“The Dream Team”, Rosales’ winning innovative project, uses Microsoft Office Sports Marketing Simulation. Students will own their own sports franchise and use the Microsoft Office Suite to create documents. Because of the ING grant, students will learn to use Word, Excel, Desktop Publishing, PowerPoint and Access to create memos, team logos, a team roster, letterhead, and other forms. They will use Excel to create a season schedule, average salary schedule and projected revenues. Publisher will allow them to create business cards, T-shirt designs, brochures and other marketing materials. Finally, with Access, they will create fan, advertiser, and music databases. By incorporating a sports theme into the lesson and exposing the students to entrepreneurship skills through hands-on learning, Rosales believes students will enjoy the learning process even more. Although they will work in teams, each student will be responsible for creating their own document. Additionally, the project will incorporate Virtual Business-Sports by Knowledge Matters to provide highly visual computer simulation of a football franchise. Students will handle promotion, develop ticket-pricing strategies, evaluate stadiums and city locations, control stadium operations and staffing, and find sponsors and licensing deals. Approximately 180 Business Education and Computer Education students will benefit from this project. Rosales lives in Miami.