Judith Tuebner

Sangster Elementary School
Springfield, VA

Project Description:

“The Heart Muscle and the Meaning of its Ever Changing Beats” is Tuebner’s winning program designed to combat obesity. Addressing a couple of the state physical education standards, students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for a health-enhancing level of personal fitness and learn strategies for living a physically active lifestyle. Her 850 students at Sangster Elementary will learn the importance of exercising and how the heart is affected while being active inside and outside of physical education class. Every student in the school will benefit from this program at varying skill levels. Kindergarten through third-grade students will have lessons that focus on changes of the heart beat as they participate in warm-ups, activity and cool down sessions, learning the significance of 100-150-100. Additionally, the fourth-through sixth-grade students will use a pulse monitor to determine their resting heart beat prior to exercising, activity heart rate and their cool down heart rate. The monitors will enable students to find their pulse without difficulty during the different parts of physical education class. Tuebner lives in Fairfax Station.