Julene Waffle

Morris Central School
Morris, NY

Project Description:

Waffle’s winning program, “Heart of Music, Heart of Students,” is designed to integrate music and sound into the classroom during English class. As it relates to her poetry unit, they will use the new Apple iPad and iPod to read and analyze poetry and song lyrics that use literary elements and techniques, all while practicing their critical and analytical writing skills. In addition to researching and learning about other authors’ work, the students will write their own poems using the literary elements and techniques taught. Their final projects will include creating a mock album using their poems and lyrics while adding their favorite songs to imaginary “playlists.” They will also develop a CD cover for their album. Additionally, students will record a music video where they will bring their original poems to life. By incorporating music in the classroom, Waffle, who lives in Laurens, believes students will discover music as a passionate art form. She also believes the students will gain a deeper understanding of the history of the United States and appreciate their cultural heritages.