Justine Alberts

Kessler Elementary
Helena, MT

Project Description:

Alberts’ innovative program idea is “iLearn While iXL”. It is a multi-faceted approach to increasing student engagement, understanding, and technology literacy. More than 240 kindergarten through fifth-grade students will benefit from her program, allowing them to use Apple iPads to work on math skills, type and turn in written assignments,  share work with their classmates  and  throughout the school district, and ultimately create their own informational book. Alberts already has created a textbook where she has inserted videos to enhance points, created lead-ins to projects, and visually enhanced the material to interact with the book. With her textbook as the foundation, she will have the students create their own books. The student-created informational book will help the students develop engaging textbooks that will help future classes better grasp the level-appropriate concepts through the eyes of a student. Alberts, who resides in Helena, believes her program will increase student engagement, which she believes is one of the keys to learning.