Kate Montero

Deerfield Beach High School
Deerfield Beach, FL

Project Description:

“1800 Seconds: Teen Youth Movement Community Television Show” is Montero’s winning project designed to bring positive accolades to a community that has been portrayed negatively in local and national media. With the ING grant, Montero will be able to move the Deerfield Beach High School-only daily and weekly entertainment programming to a community cable show. She and her students will now be able to give deserved praise to local businesses and organizations while gaining real-world experience. Enhancing the public’s perception of teens is a core component of the project, letting them know that this generation of upcoming adults is passionate, progressive and capable of greatness. Students will be able to fine-tune their journalism skills, tell stories with the intent to showcase local talent, and inspire those in the area with the true tales of local heroes. Ultimately the project will help strengthen school-community relations, while adding validity to a program that expects the highest journalistic standards from its students. Nearly 100 students will directly benefit from this project. Montero resides in Lake Worth.