Laura Jackson

Centerville Elementary School
Anderson, SC

Project Description:

Jackson’s innovative program, “A Green Outdoor Classroom”, was developed for students in the Junior Master Gardeners program at Centerville Elementary School. For the project, students will work with Jackson to refurbish an area at the school which was once a garden area but has not been maintained over the years. After they initially complete the basic restoration of what currently remains of the area, they will prepare a garden area with different plants for each grade level. Each class will have the opportunity to implement their science stands regarding the environment, plants, animals, and changes in growth through the use of the garden area. Students in the third to fifth grades will prepare the ground and learn how to take a soil sample to be tested and how to read the results. All students will plant seeds in their classrooms and transfer them to their respective garden areas when the seedlings are large enough. The main objective of the program is to enable urban students to experience growing food products and eating healthy foods. Jackson, who lives in Hartwell, Ga., hopes that through the program, students are inspired to gain an interest in a career in the field of science.