Linda Branham

Langford Elementary School
Blythewood, SC

Project Description:

“Roller Coaster Time with Force, Motion, and Measurement” is Branham’s innovative program. Through the study of roller coasters, fifth-grade students will learn the effects of force and motion, specifically balanced and unbalanced forces, equilibrium, mass, height of ramps, accelerations, and velocity. They will use the information they gather with technology-based programs to create a web-based roller coaster. Students will then use their web-based model to create a scale model of the roller coaster by interpreting multiplication and division as a way of scaling or resizing objects. Once the model is complete, they plan to send one representative from each class to participate in the model roller coaster contest at Carowinds amusement and water park. Branham, who lives in Lugoff, hopes students will increase their mathematical skills and gain an increased level of knowledge about force, motion, and measurement.