Linda Bryant

Ayden-Grifton High School
Ayden, NC

Project Description:

Bryant’s winning project “Keeping Track, While on the Run,” uses heart monitors as a means to motivate and evaluate student performance through the use of heart rate monitors. Students will wear the heart monitors during physical education class. They will use the information recorded on the monitors to compile a “sportfolio” showcasing the student’s increased physical activity. Students will learn how to calculate their resting, maximum and target heart rate. They will learn the importance of training within their target heart rate zone and will keep a training log of their progress. The objectives of the program are to improve student learning by thoroughly discussing the features and purpose of the heart monitors, the risk factors for heart disease, the need for obesity prevention and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Using the heart monitors provides a more accurate way to determine physical activity levels and student participation. Bryant lives in Ayden.