Lindsey Kowalsky

Iselin Middle School
Iselin, NJ

Project Description:

The purpose of Kowalsky’s winning program, “20th Century History Helper”, is to engage and orient the middle school students to an historical time period, teaching them that learning from the past is the key to changing the future. By collecting data through research of primary documents, personal accounts and other resources relating to each 20th century topic, students will create expert “apps” to help provide a student-driven and created research tool for others to use. Students will collaborate to analyze resources, identify essential understandings, and then integrate both print and visual material in the form of an app. Through this program, students will improve their ability to conduct research, work collaboratively with peers, navigate through an ever-changing technological world, and encourage their classmates to be curious, lifelong learners. Language arts, social studies, and technology teachers will be able to integrate the program into classroom lessons. Kowalsky, who lives in Union, hopes the apps will engage and excite students to learn through the use of current technology.