Lisa Leliaert

Maxwell Intermediate School
Maxwell, IN

Project Description:

“Check it Out: An Engaging Classroom Math Library” is Leliaert’s winning project designed to engage students and foster the development of a deeper understanding of math concepts. Through the project, students at Maxwell Intermediate School will be able to check out mathematical activities that encourage parents and siblings to explore math challenges through family-friendly activities. The “take-home bag” will consist of a book, manipulatives, family-friendly directions and a notebook for recording strategies used in the activities. With the use of the ING grant, an Apple iPod touch will also be included to allow students to further develop their knowledge through various applications available like the Everyday Math brand of games that are a supplement to the school’s curriculum. Overall, Leliaert hopes the “take-home bags” and family involvement in the activities will make learning about math enjoyable for the entire family and make the students more proficient mathematicians. Leliaert, who lives in Fishers, says more than 70 of her students will benefit from the project.