Lisa Paul

John E. Ford K-8
Jacksonville, FL

Project Description:

“Touching Lives Through Technology” is Paul’s winning project. It’s designed to introduce touch-screen technology through a mentoring relationship between her students and the students of the Exceptional Student Education class which includes students with special needs. Using a computer mouse is difficult for students who have Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays, Down Syndrome, and Apraxia of Speech, so using touch-screen technology is at the forefront of the project. The overall goal is to enable differently-abled students to become self-directed learners while using an online reading program called Starfall. Paul’s students will thoroughly explore the Starfall website so they are familiar with the program first. They will also participate in a self-evaluation tool which will help them examine prejudices they may have toward people with disabilities. In addition to the software purchased with the ING grant, a “Touching Lives with Technology” celebration in which all of the students will show off what they have learned, will take place at the end of the school year. Between 34 and 800 students could potentially benefit from this project. Paul lives in Yulee.