Lori Snyder

Weizmann Day School
Pasadena, CA

Project Description:

“Native American Culture Comes Alive!”, Snyder’s winning program idea, is designed to engage the entire student body and faculty to learn about Native American Culture by experiencing it. It is an interdisciplinary curriculum that utilizes a Design By Learning (DBL) approach to improve student learning about Native American culture. Additionally, a school-to-school relationship will be established with Montana’s St. Labre Indian School in Ashland, offering students a cultural exchange with their peers. From topical reading, research and drama, viewing scale models of Native American life, and growing relevant crops, to field trips and learning about Native American music and crafts, students will be immersed in Native American culture. Snyder, who lives in Azusa, hopes her school-wide program will build upon the strengths of the school, each student and ultimately improve comprehension, retention, and learning outcomes.