Lori Wilson

Heritage Middle School
Maryville, TN

Project Description:

Wilson’s winning project, “Learning Through Exploration,” features a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) center classroom where students can explore space and travel, video processing, force and motion, and electricity. The goal of the project is to allow students to apply the knowledge of their core classes in real-life scenarios. In the space and travel center, students will conduct research on the history of space and will create an informational pamphlet on a planet of choice. They will also build a rocket to launch. The video processing center will contain digital still shot and video cameras. Students will learn how to create and edit movies; download, crop and create photo albums; and design a travel brochure. The force and motion center will feature simple machines for students to use to discover the effects of force and motion and to build a variety of inventions. In the electricity center, students will explore different electrical circuits and schematics. They will then learn how to identify and repair broken circuits. Students will use formulas, measurements, reading and writing while they create, invent and learn using a hands-on approach. Wilson lives in Maryville.