Lorna Solomon

Patterson High School
Baltimore, MD

Project Description:

Solomon’s winning project, “Science In The City”, is designed to have her 11th grade students at Patterson High School study the water quality of their city’s four watersheds and improve public awareness of the human impact made on the ecological environment. Because of the ING grant, the students will be able to conduct classroom experiments using Vernier laboratory activities to gain practical skills in using temperature probes, C02  gas sensors, 02  gas sensors, conductivity probes, and pH sensors. Additionally, they will conduct interviews with environmental officials regarding the water quality in Baltimore as well as complete an Internet search on water quality in and around Baltimore City. Through the use of the technology and teacher facilitation, students will conduct field-based experimentation to receive real time data on the health of their local watersheds. The project will help students improve their understanding of biological processes through use of appropriate technology in order to develop higher order thinking skills, work collaboratively and become engaged in their community by initiating a service learning project that ultimately improves public awareness about the watersheds and the impact of human intervention. Solomon lives in Baltimore.