Lyn McKinney, Brittany Alberson, Jan Allen and Elizabeth Waddington

Billings Senior High School
Billings, MT

Project Description:

McKinney and her colleagues’ innovative teaching idea, “Firing the Imagination – Igniting the Maker Within”, is designed to introduce students to the literature of bestselling author and one of the top writers in modern comics, Neil Gaiman, in preparation for his visit to Billings in February 2014. He will visit Billings as a part of the celebration surrounding the grand opening of the new public library building. Various Gaiman titles will be purchased for each grade level and multiple reading groups of 10 students each will be formed. The groups also will include group leaders from the Billings community including teachers, college students, librarians, and community volunteers. Students will read the books and then discuss them within their groups. Students will also produce a creative product of their choosing (poster, painting, drawing, poem, play, presentation, sculpture, piece of creative writing). The student-created items will go on tour around Billings and will be featured at a culminating art show during the grand opening library event in February 2014.