Lynne Shipley

Third Place

Prize Awarded:
Central High School
Kansas City, MO

Project Description:

Shipley’s powerful winning project, “Segregation Denied”, is a documentary and podcasting initiative that will include students of Central High School interviewing former students who graduated in 1959, the first fully integrated class of Central High after the Brown vs. Board of Education decision in 1954. It forces two different demographic groups, who currently live in isolated and separated neighborhoods, to discuss their differences through one common ground – Central High School. With equipment purchased with the ING grant, the students will digitally record and video tape their interviews for future sharing. Although the project boasts a strong history component, it is also being used to instruct students on the use of technology in reviewing change in their world. The interviews, which will be recorded in a set built by the students, will be recorded and uploaded to a student-created website using podcasting and video streaming. The engaging interviews, which will be captured through their developed skills of asking probing questions and then listening intently, will help the students and those who view the segments open their world to more than just their neighborhood. Shipley, who lives in Raytown, plans to have the documentary screened in the CHS Greek Theater for the entire Kansas City Community to see.