Marcie Easton

Frankford Elementary School
Frankford, WV

Project Description:

“iCommunicate!” is the winning project developed by Easton to excite and motivate students to want to learn and become better communicators through knowledge and technology. Students in the program at Frankford Elementary School will use Apple iPads, apps, and software to enhance remediation of speech and language disorders such as Autism Spectrum, ADHD, ADD, Apraxia, and other learning disabilities. The objectives of the program are to incorporate 21st century technology to help students with communication disorders, teach students how to use technology programs to enhance skills they learn in therapy, and encourage the use of technology in a positive learning fashion. The program will also educate teachers and parents on using technology to help the students at home and in the classroom and decrease the fear of using technology at school and among people in the community. At the present time, not one teacher in the school has an iPad. With the funds from the ING grant, Easton, who lives in Frankford, plans to purchase the iPads, apps, and software to implement the project. The effectiveness of the program will be measured by the students’ improved grades, progress in therapy, and being able to independently and appropriately use the iPads.