Mark Adams and Cindy English

Ironwood High School
Glendale, AZ

Project Description:

“Let the Sunshine Power Our Carts,” the winning program from Adams and English will enable more than 100 students to participate in building and installing a solar recharging power station for the electrical golf carts at Ironwood High School and a nearby elementary school. As an added benefit, the station will also be used to charge all of the needed portable tools. Industrial technology students, with the guidance of a local licensed contractor and the supervision of the teachers, will design, build and maintain the station. The project will include a recharging station, shed, covered area, safety station and security wall. The students will actually build the framework of solar panels and install a complete photovoltaic powered system. They will also monitor usage, ensure proper housekeeping and measure the impact of the solar recharge station on the overall power usage of the school. Ultimately the goal is to teach students the importance and responsibility of community and green technology. The school and local community will benefit by less power being used at the school. It will also reduce the electric bill, save money and students will benefit by learning about solar technology and using it in a real-life experience at school.