Mike Ward

New Creation Fellowship Academy
Cheektowaga, NY

Project Description:

“Countdown”, Ward’s creative program idea, is the middle school campus radio station that is designed to give parents, students and the local community a boost to prepare for their school or work day, and the afternoon program will help the listening audience prepare for the evening, end-of-day routines. The AM station will broadcast locally within a 2-3 mile radius during morning drop-off, midday and during afternoon pick-up. The students will be responsible for the set up and operation of the broadcast with help from a partnership with one of the local commercial radio stations. The program will consist of weather forecasts, news, sports commentary, talk show playlists, and limited commercials. The overall involvement of students gives them a chance to apply their technology, science, language arts, and communications skills. Ward, who lives in Williamsville, hopes his project will generate enthusiasm as they take ownership of a program they create.