Nancy Young

Lahainaluna High School
Lahaina, HI

Project Description:

 Young’s winning “iPad Art History” program is designed to help students create their own art history web pages using Apple iPad technology. Students will be assigned an artist, art period or style to use as the focus for their individual webpages. They will research the subject and write a brief bio or history, including links to vocabulary-related material. The design of the web pages must reflect the mood and sensibility of the artists they are representing. The individual web pages will be compiled into a central website. Students will then explore the website and choose several images to create an “art history mash-up,” using Photoshop to incorporate works by various artists. Students will also have an opportunity to collaborate and critique each other’s work. The goal of the project is to strengthen the visual arts department by using Apple iPad technology to spur integration and collaboration between students studying painting and drawing and students studying digital media. Young resides in Lahaina.