Nathan Low

Payette High School
Payette, ID

Project Description:

Low’s creative program idea, “Metal Arts”, is designed to help with career training for many of the school’s at-risk students. Through the program, student creations developed in the afterschool Metal Arts Design Program will be sold for a profit in order to have more funds for student-supported activities or new equipment to expand programs. The funded software will decrease the time it takes to go from design to cutting – allowing students to simply design and cut – eliminating the extra steps and design failures, making the business truly student run. The real-world skills that the students learn will increase their employability after they graduate from high school or college. The program will benefit students in a variety of ways, most notably by learning current drafting technology used in the metal industry. They will also have to use marketing skills to sell their finished metal arts projects. Low, who lives in Payette, hopes his program will help open even more avenues for students to improve any other deficient skills.