Nicole Mitchell

Peters Township Middle School
McMurray, PA

Project Description:

“Classic Literature Revival” is Mitchell’s winning project for students at Peters Township Middle School. The project was developed as a way to help keep the importance of classical literature alive in the hearts of young people while incorporating learning skills of the 21st century. With the help of various forms of technology including Kindles, Apple iPads, and videos, students will analyze, generate and deliver presentations, and collaborate with other schools and the community to create a classical literature revival. For the first phase of the program, the eighth-grade students will read six different classic novels on the Kindle e-Reader. Each participant will select the novel of their choice based on their interests. iPads will be used to research more information about the novels including background on the author, historical relevance, and literary criticism for group discussion. The second phase of the project involves the development and promotion of a seminar through podcast including a commercial, interview, and reenactment of a key scene in the novel. The final phase of the program will consist of two events, the students presenting their web pages to sixth-grade students at the local elementary school and the classical literature revival at the public library. Mitchell lives in Bethel Park.