Patricia Koch

St. Catharine of Sienna School
Reading, PA

Project Description:

Koch’s winning program, “Red Hot Robotics”, is a hands-on project to engage students in lab activities and spark their creativity. Through the program, the LEGO robotics program will be used to generate enthusiasm and make the lab activities more creative for students at St. Catharine of Sienna School. Students will develop their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and teamwork skills and be challenged to think outside the box. They will work with their lab group to learn how to create and program a model, test their creation using software, and analyze their results. The effectiveness of the program will be evaluated by observing the students’ interest in the program and how readily they adapt to the activities. If the students are successful in creating and programming a model, then the program will be deemed a success. The funds from the ING grant will be used to purchase the LEGO robotics package to implement the program at the school. Koch, who lives in Mohnton, hopes students in the program will be exposed to a new learning experience and will be excited about their time in the science lab.