Patty Knapp

Brennen School
Newark, DE

Project Description:

“Get Ahead, Career Preparation” is Knapp’s winning program created to help students work on career building skills. Through the creation of a mini-computer lab armed with a computer, software and a printer, students will learn and practice basic computer operations by building resumes, filling out job applications and conducting desktop publishing and graphic design. They will also train to become Microsoft certified, create a webpage and learn graphic arts skills that motivate them and tie in their interests. Because Knapp’s students are special education students, they did not receive training in middle school where it was a requirement, nor is there a graphics arts course that will adequately benefit her students. This program will give her 30 students the more intensive training they need to learn the skills to ultimately become gainfully employed after graduation at age 21. Knapp, who lives in Bear, wants her students involved in her program to build their self-confidence, gain new technology-based skill sets and spark new interests in her students as they embark on a productive life outside of school that ultimately includes gainful employment.