Phyllis Gail Filotei

Daphne High School
Daphne, AL

Project Description:

“I Read With iPod” is the winning program designed by Filotei to serve Daphne High School students who have failed the reading portion of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. Utilizing the familiar technology of the Apple iPod touch, students will be able to read along and hear their customized lessons during each class. They will then have to answer the essential questions of the day using only the iPod as a resource during class time. Pre-determined lessons and tasks will be completed by the students in order to answer the essential question of the day. The main objectives of the program are that 100 percent of the students who take the class will then pass the reading portion of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam and receive a high school diploma, and that all students enrolled in the class will improve their reading level in one semester. Filotei, who lives in Mobile, hopes her program will benefit 120 students each year by using technology to improve and master reading skills.