R. Paul Runnels

Cache High School
Cache, OK

Project Description:

“Who Killed the Three Little Pigs” is Runnels’ winning program that is designed to be a real-world, hands-on crime scene investigation autopsy project to reinforce concepts taught in Forensic Science class. Detectives, using the Three Pigs Autopsy scenario, will learn by doing. The program affords them the opportunity to process crime scenes, analyze data, conduct scientific investigations, interact with guest speakers, conduct Internet research, write reports, and use technology to participate in activities used by forensic scientists and law enforcement. Students will use multiple methods to identify the crime scene including, but not limited to, photographing where evidence was found, cataloguing  evidence, taking  print castings, dusting for fingerprints, and using  fuming/heat chambers to process prints. They also will use luminal kits and Bluemax lights to look for blood spatter and conduct lab matches for blood typing. A representative from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation crime lab and coroner’s office will speak to the class to see what can also be learned from the corpse, the silent witness. Runnels, who lives in Cache, says the program will benefit up to 150 students, particularly those who are autistic and learning disabled and need more hands-on experiences.