Rayna Ciano

Winsor Hill Elementary School
Johnston, RI

Project Description:

Ciano’s winning program, “Electronic Journal: Chronicle of the Fourth Grade”, was developed to expand and enrich vocabulary and concept development for students at Winsor Hill Elementary School. The purpose of the project is to the help students become culturally literate and have the ability to identify, communicate, understand, create, interpret, and use materials associated with various contexts. Through the program, fourth-grade students will use technology to chronicle their entire academic year. They will be given flip cameras to capture pictures and videos of situations and visions outside of the walls of their classroom. These situations and visions will include friends and family, locations and regions they frequent; however with the use of flip cameras, they will be able to see the experiences of their personal lives with a more complete understanding. Each student will create an electronic chronicle of the content and vocabulary they learn in class and relate their learning to real-life experiences. Ciano’s goal for the program is to foster lifelong learning and help the students continue their learning process by connecting what they learn to situations in the real world. She lives in Cranston.