Regina Stovall

Arcadia School
Olympia Fields, IL

Project Description:

Stovall’s winning project, “Sensory Room for Elementary Students,” is designed to provide students with special needs a designated place to work on fine and gross motor skills, as well as activities that stimulate creativity, develop coordination, and self-awareness and help students refocus for classroom time. Trained staff will work with students in the “Sensory Room” to guide them as they use equipment, play games and engage in the activities that will help them build problem-solving skills. The “Sensory Room” will enhance students’ ability to integrate sensory information to improve chances of learning. Because this takes place through the senses, there will be three areas of the “Sensory Room.” The sensory motor vestibular area will help with coordination, reduce “overacting,” and improve focus. The tactile area will help a child differentiate and “feel” proper body movements and actions. The proprioceptive area will help improve muscle and joint receptors to improve movement and provide an increased sense of calm. Stovall resides in Cedar Lake, Ind.