Robert Steingall

North Warren Regional High School
Blairstown, NJ

Project Description:

Steingall’s winning program, “Patriot Pups Biscuits,” is an integrated community service project for students with special needs at North Warren Regional High School. The project focuses on providing students with functional job skills training through service learning with the main goal of forging a relationship between the school district and the community. Participants created the business model for the project in their social studies class where they researched recipes and packaging options for the biscuits, created test batches, developed contacts and relationships with the community and distributed their product for sale. Students keep record of their receipts and make appropriate requests when they need to shop for more supplies. Proceeds from the biscuit sales are used to purchase items for the local animal shelter and wildlife sanctuary. This allows students to assist animals in need while gaining valuable job training and skills needed to maintain employment after graduation. From keeping a spreadsheet to developing advertising materials and learning about customer service, the cross-curricular project meets the needs of students across a variety of subjects including math, reading, English, social studies and vocational/life skills. Steingall, who lives in Newton, hopes to expand the program to serve more students.