Robynn Barth

Granite Falls Middle School
Granite Falls, WA

Project Description:

Barth developed the idea for the “Fitness Media Center” after she read a book on the new science of exercise and the brain. Granite Falls Middle School is moving into a new building and will have more room for physical education classes than at their current location which will allow for changes in the way the classes are run. Instead of focusing on different sports, Barth would incorporate more fitness into their program by adding more daily classes and lifelong fitness activities. As a result of the move, the school will now have a weight room, large gym, and a small auxiliary gym. With the new space, the goal is to turn the small auxiliary gym into a fitness-media center where the students can have fun and forget they are actually exercising. By having access to a fitness-media center and providing more activities and options for the students to enjoy, Barth hopes more students will become active and participation will increase. Her ultimate goal for the program is that the center will promote active living for a lifetime of health. Not only will kids be active, they will want to be active. Barth lives in Granite Falls.