Rozina Essani and Dana Meyer

Marietta High School
Marietta, GA

Project Description:

“Project I-Math” is the innovative program developed by Essani and Meyer. It involves using students’ love for technology and reality  television and turns it into a reality-based activity that focuses on math. The activities require the use of smart devices to read the  digital quick response (QR) code, which is interpreted as a math problem. One activity, for example, is called ‘Mission Control’ where  students are on a mission to another planet when their spaceship malfunctions, leaving them stranded in outer space. They must interpret  the repair manual by correctly working math problems in order to fix their ship. The repair clues are collected and the smart phone will  be used to repair the engine using the Assist app, which checks all the answers. There also will  be math activities that incorporate  aspects of relevant reality television shows like ‘Survivor’, ‘The Great Escape’, ‘The Mathmazing Race’, ‘Incorrect Computation Unit  (ICU)’, and ‘Mathster Chef.’ The games allow students to practice skills while progressing through their many layers. Apple iPads will be  used to take the entire project from paper and pencil to digital. Essani and Meyer hope their project makes math fun.