Ruth McClure

Crittenden County Elementary School
Marion, KY

Project Description:

“My SPACE: Sensory Processing and Calming Environment”, McClure’s winning program idea, is a designated classroom to provide specially designed programs for students who need help in developing motor planning and self-regulation skills. It will serve the students who have a variety of disabilities or processing issues that make it difficult for them to participate fully in the general school population 100 percent of their day. Many of the students frequently become over-stimulated and cannot function to their full potential in the classroom. They often find it hard to maintain focus and become distractions to their peers and teachers due to their inability to regulate their movements, keeping their activity in the classroom to acceptable levels. The room will be a designated space to receive their individualized therapy. Activities will address sensory integration, balance, postural/core strength, proprioceptive skill development, vestibular development, visual/auditory/tactile stimulation and calming, self-regulation and relaxation. A trained member of the staff will supervise students in the room at all times, helping them select from a variety of activities that will help meet their needs. McClure lives in Princeton.