Samantha Pullins

Fort Pierce Central High School
Fort Pierce, FL

Project Description:

“Teaching Proper Infection Control Procedures”, Pullins’ winning program, follows the guidelines of the Florida Department of Health and Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The project is designed to share with health occupation students at Fort Pierce Central High School, how to learn to control infections at the source. They will learn proper hand washing procedures along with how to put on sterile gloves and remove non sterile gloves. Sterilization control is at the center of the project, allowing students to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to prepare and assemble sterile trays, a method of control to assure sterilization of supplies and processing sterile supplies and proper disposal of equipment. Pullins will teach the students how organisms grow, ways bacteria and viruses spread, symptoms of infection, how microorganisms enter and leave the body, who is considered a susceptible host, body substance precautions, when hand washing should be done and control measures that prevent the spread of infection. Pullins lives in Fort Pierce.