Samantha Walder

Deuel School
Clear Lake, SD

Project Description:

Walder’s winning teaching idea, ““iPad, iEngage, iLearn: Using iPads to Support Collaboration and Student Engagement and Learning”, is designed to increase the use of up-to-date, relevant technology among the students at Deuel School. By doing so, this program will enhance the teaching of science through hands-on experiences using technology, which will engage students’ personal learning styles. Students will use iPads to gather accurate information and to identify the flora and fauna present on the hills of Buffalo Ridge in Deuel County in the city of Gary. They will observe and record data about the identified species and compare the basic needs of different organisms in their environment. Working collaboratively, students will gather data necessary to complete an interactive map and brochure. This program gets students out of the classroom and into nature to better understand how to identify plants and animals. Walder, who lives in Hayti, hopes to increase student engagement, and therefore increase student achievement.