Sandra Makielski

Davisville Middle School
North Kingstown, RI

Project Description:

“African Folktales Dramatized Using 3-D Masks”, Makielski’s innovative teaching idea, will give students a greater understanding of African culture. The 90 seventh-grade students will work in groups to produce and perform African folktales for their peers. The performance will be held under a tent outside the school in an effort to replicate a traditional African experience of sharing stories in large groups out in the open to foster a sense of community. A theater artist will assist in the selection of folktales, development of theatrical movements, and the use of musical instruments to create the performances. A drumming artist will meet and work with the students to instruct them on basic African drumming techniques. This program will successfully integrate the arts into the social studies curriculum, providing a new and different approach to education. Additionally, through the movement, music and art, students will be exposed to activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. Makielski lives in Wakefield.