Scott Arthur, and Sara Balliett

Campbell-Savona Junior/Senior High School
Campbell, NY

Project Description:

“Global Connect” is the winning project created by Arthur and Balliett for students at Campbell-Savona Junior/Senior High School. As a part of the program, students are immersed in project-based studies of human rights issues to engage them in service learning in response to modern-day global conditions that impact human rights. Students in the ninth and 10th grades will be challenged to identify human rights abuses and work together to create and implement strategies to educate others and improve conditions. Participants will be given access to databases containing research-quality information and distance-learning opportunities to work with educational networks and cultural institutions. The goal is for the students to gain multiple perspectives on historic events and current issues affecting the violations of human rights. The students in the 12th grade will develop and present multi-media projects to introduce the other students to related concepts while global studies students will conduct research on modern-day examples that impact human rights. At the end of the project, students will produce educational products, reports, and public service announcements to communicate why people should care about human rights issues and what can be done to affect change.