Scott Burke

Loveland High School
Loveland, CO

Project Description:

“Geometry in Construction Alternative Energy Initiative” is Burke’s winning innovative project where his ninth and 10th grade geometry students will gain practical knowledge by applying academic know-how to the construction of a home for local housing initiative. Expanding on the current Geometry in Construction program, Burke, with the use of the ING grant, will integrate alternative energy components into existing curriculum, allowing the students to develop effective strategies, lessons and models in the hands-on labs. In the labs, students will conduct, refine and test alternate energy sources as well as energy conservation measures. Students will then be able to make recommendations to various governing boards of local non-profit organizations about energy efficiency and economic alternatives for basic household necessities. Ultimately, students will share findings with Habitat for Humanity, allowing them to select options and then collaborate with local experts and learn how to install and maintain the chosen systems. Once perfected, it is Burke’s hope that the lessons will be shared with other schools interested in starting their own Geometry in Construction program. Burke resides in Ft. Collins.