Scotty Herrell

Second Place

Prize Awarded:
Clinton Middle School
Clinton, TN

Project Description:

Herrell's "Extreme Makeover: Middle School Edition" service learning program will teach students at Clinton Middle School how to use engineering principles for civic purposes in their community and beyond. The project will help improve the homes of those touched by tragedy through the application of carpentry, landscaping and design skills by his students. Participating students will complete projects after school, on weekends and on breaks. Students will also aid in the selection of makeover applicants, showing their involvement throughout the entire process. Key learning skills will be addressed over the course of the program as students apply math, science, and pre-engineering principles to their design and construction ideas. In the future, Herrell would like to expand the program so they can purchase a dilapidated house and fix it up from start to finish and then sell it to a low-income family for a reasonable amount. He then wants to donate the proceeds to continue training centers in the area. Not only will Herrell's program redesign homes for those in need, it will redesign students into community change-agents ready to makeover the world. Herrell resides in Powell.