Shana Daigle

Bayou Blue Elementary School
Houma, LA

Project Description:

Daigle’s winning program, “Innovative Speech and Language Therapy”, will integrate modern technology into her therapy sessions to better reflect the changing ways in which we communicate, learn and live. Because of the ING grant, a speech lab will be set up utilizing stations of Apple iPads computer software and digital books, and will increase the number of students seen and the frequency in which speech and language therapy can be rendered. With the integration of technology, one therapist can be working with a student while the other students are on iPads or computers doing drill work, thus multiplying the number of children served. Because modern technology is engaging, exciting and interactive, in many cases, using it allows for multi-modal and sensory activities beyond the drill practice of flashcards. It can provide auditory, tactile, visual and social feedback to the children with special needs in the learning process. Approximately 100 speech impaired students at Bayou Blue Elementary School will benefit from this project. Daigle lives in Gray.