Sharon Clem

Captain James E. Daly, Jr. Elementary School
Frederick, MD

Project Description:

Through Clem’s winning program, “It’s a Math-Magical World! Math Magazine”, students at Captain James E. Daly, Jr. Elementary School will create a bi-monthly magazine focused on mathematics. Student-inspired articles, math problems for readers to solve, interviews with adults and photographs of math in action will be featured. Student collaboration will include generating and executing ideas while also learning about editing and layout. Homework assignments, if appropriate, will be writing assignments that can be used in the magazine. Adults who have been guests in the school’s Career Day will be interviewed first to showcase how math is used in their jobs. All students will have access to the full-color magazine in each classroom and in the media center. By being the first publication created by students, it will give students an opportunity to be published at an early age and reinforce core skills like writing for an audience and math comprehension. It will also show the importance of mathematics in the world, and the integrated nature of the articles will support the county’s new Core Standards for mathematics. According to Clem, who lives in Frederick, 565 students, pre-K through fifth-grade will benefit from the magazine.