Sharon Littlefield and Lori Stevens

Warsaw Middle School
Pittsfield, ME

Project Description:

“Scientific Animation Education” is the innovative winning program designed by Littlefield and Stevens to challenge students beyond the use of the existing math and science software. The students, through this program, will be creating state of the art integrated science and reading animations that will demonstrate in-depth understanding of scientific content and how it applies to their world. With the use of animation software purchased with the ING grant, students will create animations that will be posted on the Internet to be viewed worldwide. Several theme-appropriate novels that connect to the science topics will be incorporated in a way that demonstrates not only the understanding of the science concepts, but also links to reading. By implementing this project, the students will have a better chance of competing in a global society and develop 21st century skills, especially inventive thinking. Creativity, self-direction, risk-taking and problem solving will be the other skills stressed through this initiative.