Shauna Hamman

Four Peaks Elementary School
Apache Junction, AZ

Project Description:

Hamman’s winning program, “Roadrunner Gaming,” engages students by teaching them to design their own video games. When playing, students are consumers of technology, using only basic critical thinking skills. Students will engage in a much higher level of thinking by designing the games themselves. The “Roadrunner Gaming” program will use Scratch programming software. Students will work in groups to design the games. To gain experience in a variety of design methods, students will create games for different platforms. The project’s objective is to teach students real-world technology, collaboration and problem-solving skills to ignite further interest in high-tech careers. This program is innovative because elementary students are not typically exposed to programming. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the math, science and engineering principles which underline the technology they use every day. Hamman, who lives in Mesa, hopes students will gain insight into their own potential and recognize that an exciting high-tech career is an achievable goal for anyone with determination.