Shelley McCoy

Springville Middle School
Springville, AL

Project Description:

McCoy’s winning program, “iGoGreen”, promotes a paperless, online classroom. It’s designed to be an online classroom where students can email and publish work electronically using Apple iPad technology. The overarching goal is to reduce the use of paper products while learning to collaborate in small groups, problem solve and learn to use current technology. This program not only allows students to enhance their technological skills, but it also helps them understand the importance of protecting the environment and the impact a paperless classroom can make. A variety of software and application tools will be employed to create the online classroom. Students will create final products (videos, presentations, e-books, teaching lessons) and publish to a classroom website and an online classroom to reduce the use of paper while at the same time fulfilling the Common Core standards focused on the use of technology. McCoy, who resides in Odenville, hopes her project will improve student learning by engaging them with fun technology to do work without realizing they are working, becoming better equipped to use technology that will impact both college and career goals.