Sheri Sims

East Clarendon Middle High
Turbeville, SC

Project Description:

“Another Look”, Sims’ winning program idea, will involve students taking meaningful pictures and videos to bring science topics to life. Each month, following the exploration of a broad science topic, students will be allowed to check out a digital camera, video recorder, or Apple iPad to take pictures of science in action in their homes and community. Coupled with taking field trips around the community, students will be able to explore topics such as biodiversity, geologic processes, and applications of chemistry or physics. This interdisciplinary project will help students connect science, math, language arts, fine arts and social studies. It also will help increase student knowledge of important science terms and increase their experience using digital media. Sims, who lives in Lake City, hopes the use of pictures and video will add meaning, emotion, and impact to the subject being explored and will personalize learning, clarify it and add depth for each student.