Sindhu Thomas

Windsor High School
Windsor, CT

Project Description:

In Thomas’ winning project “Forensic Science: Real-Life Experiences,” students will run a series of experiments that will utilize biotechnology techniques in a real-world scenario. To draw students in and create a real-world experience, a hypothetical situation in which a crime has been committed in the school will be staged. Students will be asked to complete a series of experiments to determine who committed the crime. As part of the crime-solving process, students will analyze blood-stain patterns and perform fingerprint comparisons. The project will engage Windsor High students who are constantly exposed to real-life crimes and crime dramas on television. The project will allow them to understand the amount of work that goes into solving a crime and why the results can often be inconclusive. It will also allow them to directly connect science to their daily lives and gain a better understanding of the importance of studying science. The project will incorporate biology, physics, chemistry, technology, art and math. Students will also have the opportunity to hear police officers and other subject matter experts speak about the authenticity of the procedures they are performing in the project and how often the techniques are successful in solving real crimes. Thomas resides in Coventry.