Sonia Fuderer

Semple Elementary School
Louisville, KY

Project Description:

Fuderer’s winning project, “21st Century Community Learning Center Reading Program”, is part of the after school program that provides snacks, tutoring, enrichment activities and home transportation to students in the third, fourth and fifth grades. It is designed to close the achievement gap in reading and math that has developed at the school. By incorporating the Leap Frog Reading Pro Series into the after school program, each student will have one-on-one interaction with the Leap Pad, with intervention from teachers when necessary. The overall goal is to help each enrolled child improve their reading grade by at least one letter grade. Several Nook Colors will also enhance the reading experience for the participants, allowing them a personal library at their fingertips. From interactive picture books to more advanced selections, students will have access to not only the stories, but get help reading them too by a push of a button. More than 100 students will benefit from this project, allowing those students who are at least one grade level behind a chance to catch up through the use of these new technology tools purchased with the ING grant. Fuderer lives in Louisville.