Susan Schriever

Sacred Heart School
Valley Park, MO

Project Description:

“Healthy Heart Awareness Program”, Schriever’s innovating teaching idea, is designed to enhance the current physical education program. It supports the existing healthy eating habits program and educates students about the importance of an active lifestyle and a healthy heart rate in addition to the effects of exercise on the heart.  Utilizing a variety of assessment tools – heart rate monitors, pedometers, tracking charts and educational materials – students will learn how to track their physical performance over a period of time. As they work toward their goal of better fitness, they will learn how to monitor their own heart rates, increase their heart rates, and keep a log of their heart rates before and during exercise. Additionally, they will continue to learn about food nutrition and food portions by playing creative food games such as healthy foods bingo, and viewing posters, placemats and nutritional cards with helpful information. Schriever, who resides in Wildwood, hopes her program will help decrease the number of students impacted by childhood obesity.