Tanya Kienlen

West Side School
Worland, WY

Project Description:

Kienlen’s innovative program, “Tech It Up”, was developed to provide students with an environment where they can be engaged and actively involved in their learning process through the use of the Apple iPad. The goal of the program is to put technology in the hands of students for powerful learning. Using iPads in the classrooms as independent, hands-on tools for learning, first-grade students at West Side School gain a deeper understanding of computation, problem solving, and patterns. Educational apps will be downloaded on the iPad for students to create their own math problems, write poems and riddles, and then email or print their work. During a “family day” event, students will invite family members and friends to school to share their knowledge of what they have learned and accomplished on the iPad. This will provide an opportunity for shared learning. The program will be evaluated by online assessments and quizzes on the iPad to track the students’ progress. With the funds from the ING grant, Kienlen will purchase iPads for the class with the ultimate goal of expanding the program to all first-grade students in Washakie County. Kienlen lives in Worland.